The Music

Taking a cue from great bands like Crosby, Stills & Nash and The Eagles, Off The Clock concentrates on acoustic-based rock drenched in elaborate vocal harmonies.   The core of the band began jamming informally in 1998, but the current three piece lineup was solidified in 2000.  Off The Clock takes their music seriously without taking themselves too seriously.  In addition to CSN and The Eagles, Off The Clock has built a repertoire of great classics from artists such as The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, The Who, James Taylor, and Steve Miller, to name but a few.  It's not all about acoustic music though. OTC also knows how to rock out, and includes some newer artists such as Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots, U2, Bon Jovi and Pearl Jam in their sets.  The band plays at pubs, restaurants and private parties throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts regularly. 

   The Band

Rob Thomas (Lead & backing vocals, guitar, bass, & keyboards) - Rob has been gigging in the Springfield/Hartford area since 1978, covering many genres including solo acoustic, classic rock bands, weddings, and Motown.  He was a member of the Bart Nascembeni trio, Infinity, Grand Illusion, and also toured Europe with the Supremes in 1988.  Rob enjoys the flexibility that Off the Clock provides with being able to play several different musical styles and instruments while maintaining their classic acoustic sound.


Scott Silvia (Lead & backing vocals, lead & rhythm guitar) - Scott started his musical life as a classically trained trumpeter.  He began playing in rock bands in 1991, first as a drummer, then as a singer, and a little later on as a guitarist.  He has been a member of Connecticut-based bands Patchwork Revolution, Laughter's Tears, Dark Sarcasm and Full Krew.  Scott loves exploring the vocal harmony side of Off The Clock, a trait that he feels makes the band stand out from countless others.


Mark Hall (Lead & backing vocals, drums & percussion) - Mark began playing drums with small jazz combos in the Washington, DC area.  At the same time, he was involved in groups that performed classical and medieval choral music.  While in graduate school in Atlanta, he sang and played drums for a popular local R&B band,  the Schizophonics.  After moving to the Hartford area, he became lead vocalist for Midlife Crisis, and later helped form Off The Clock, which has provided him the opportunity to indulge his greatest passion, vocal harmonies.